Technological and pharmaceutical herbarium | Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica (Firenze)

Description: This herbarium is named “Tecnologico e farmaceutico” and was collected in the first half of the Nineteenth Century. The plant specimens are fixed on paper sheets (exsiccata), which are collected in boxes, and these are stored in a cupboard. The herbarium is preserved in the storage area, open only to the FST personnel and researchers. Around the half of the Twenty Century the exsiccata were placed in the boxes where they still are. Recently we enveloped the specimens in commercial transparent bags to counteract pests.

Materials: Vegetable, paper

Monitoring: Within the context of the EU funded APACHE project, our partner Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica will monitor, collect, analyse and report on environmental data collected inside a box and outside it in the cupboard. It is also possible to monitor outside the cupboard.

Protection container: Cupboard: wood and glass. Boxes: cardboard. Packaging: plastic bags. Not climate controlled, not sealed.

Dimensions: 116 cm x 55 cm x 38 cm

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