Bronze Age Objects

Description: Numerous bronze and gold finds testify to the rich and colourful metallurgy of the Bronze Age in the Carpathian Basin. Some of these objects were found in the settlements and cemeteries; most of them came to light as items of hoard finds. The objects might have been hidden from the enemy or were sacrificial, votive offerings. These treasures offer a reliable basis for reconstructing everyday life, attire, warfare and the religious beliefs of a community. Among other weapons and jewellery, this showcase displays richly ornamented battle-axes, swords, bracelets, pendants of important bronzesmith and goldsmith workshops from 1500-1200 BC.

Materials: Gold, silver, bronze, clay

Monitoring: Within the context of the EU funded APACHE project, the Hungarian National Museum will monitor, collect, analyse and report on environmental data collected in the display room and the showcase containing mostly bronze and gold treasures. Environmental data include temperature, relative humidity and pollutants (formaldehyde, organic acids, NO2 , SO2 , O3 , H2S).

Protection container: Showcase (painted MDF, Plexiglas®, leather, PVC)

Dimensions: 188 cm x 360 cm x 180 cm (Height x Width x Diameter)

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