Library room | Vágtapolca castle

Description: The furnished library room of the Vágtapolca castle is part of the permanent historical exhibition in Rococo-style. The 18th-century aristocratic way of life and the need for education are characterized by the library room, which consists of glass bookcases, window seats and double-leaf doors. Memories of music, literature, and book culture can be seen here reflecting the spirit of enlightenment. The green-painted, carved, gilded pine wood trim was made in the second half of the 18th century by Hungarian masters based on German plans. Musical instruments and ceramics from the 18th century also in addition to books.  A separate display case shows the women’s clothing and wearing of the period and Johann Josheph Stadlmann’s violin as well on which Count Miklós Eszterházy played.

Materials: Wood, glass, paper, leather, metal, majolica, textile

Monitoring: Within the context of the EU funded APACHE project, the Hungarian National Museum will monitor, collect, analyse and report on environmental data collected in the display room and within the showcase. Environmental data include temperature, relative humidity and pollutants (formaldehyde, organic acids, NO2 , SO2 , O3, H2S).

Protection container: Historical cabinet (wood, glass)

Dimensions: 363 cm x 329 cm x 64 cm (Height x Width x Diameter)

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