Parade Saddles | Vasto (Italy)

Description: The parade saddles are displayed in the Civic Museum of Palazzo D’Avalos in Vasto (Abruzzo Region – Central Italy), an historic building of the XV century adapted to museum which overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is subject to the action of sea aerosols even if 144 meters above sea level.
The saddles, dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, were found in 2003 in the cellars of Palazzo D’Avalos in a severe state of decay.
After restoration, in the 2012 were displayed in a showcase together with eight metal brackets of the harnesses and two pistol holders covered with fabric.

Materials: Wood, leather, cardboard, hemp, metallic elements, cotton, velvet fabrics and applications with silk yarns and silver, gold and copper yarns.

Monitoring: Within the context of the EU funded APACHE project, MiBACT-SABAP Abruzzo will monitor, collect, analyse and report on environmental data collected in the display case and display room surrounding. The data collected will include, relative humidity, temperature, and pollutants (formaldehyde, organic acids, NO2, SO2, O3, H2S). The monitoring will also pay particular attention any eventual change or reaction of the materials used by the restoration.

Protection container: Display case, glass and metal

Dimension: Size of a saddle: Length cm. 70; width cm. 80; height (front) cm.46; height (rear) cm. 38.
Dimensions of the display case: height 245 cm; length first part 250cm; length second part 250cm; width 100 cm.

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