21 November 2019

At the beginning of May 2019, APACHE project posted a survey with the aim of better identifing individuals, organisations and institutions that have some form of stake and/or interest in the research outcomes and assessing their particular needs.

The survey was posted on the project website and on the websites of a large number of associations and professional organizations related to the preservation of the cultural heritage (among others UNESCO, ICOM CC, AIC, IIC, IGIIC, AICRAB, FFCR, AICCM…). In addition to this, about 1000 direct messages were sent to professionals who play a role in the conservation and care of heritage collections. Respondents were encouraged to share the link with other liaisons, and social media.

The survey is organized in four sections:
1. Institution and Collection
2. Environment and Enclosures
3. Storage and Exhibition conditions
4. Challenges and Needs

It is composed of 21 questions, only two of them require a mandatory response:
• Question 1 (Q1) about the choose of the language;
• And Question 13 (Q13) about the measurement of some parameters in storage and exhibition area, those who answered negatively to the question: Do you regularly measure some parameters in the storage and exhibition areas? skipped five questions (Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q18) on measurements and collection of microclimatic data and are directed to Question 19.
The survey data was collected on September 23 and  respondents were 756. We originally planned to close the survey for September 30th, 2019 but, given the great success and large participation we decided to leave it open until December 30, 2021 with the prospect to receive an even greater number of respondents and to be able to extract statistics with a higher level of confidence and a lower margin of error.