13 June 2019 | Rome (Italy)

On the 13th of June 2019, CSGI organized a workshop entitled “Innovative materials for Cultural Heritage” inside the conference NanoInnovation 2019. The workshop’s aim was to explore the world of nanotechnologies for cultural heritage and to discover the latest research activities done in some Horizon 2020 projects.

Also Apache project was presented, thanks to the partners IONFLY s.r.l. with a speech about “Plasma & Cultural Heritage: new materials made by plasma technologies” and CNR with a speech called “Multifunctional materials based on chitosan for the chemisorption of degrading species in museum environments”.

CSGI participated too in the workshop, talking about Strengthening and deacidification of paper: a single-step treatment based on nanoparticles and cellulose nanocrystals.