27th September 2019 | Budapest (Hungary)

On 27th September, 2019 the Hungarian National Museum participated in the European Researchers’ Night programme. Besides listening to lectures and meeting researchers to chat in a more personal way, visitors who attended the museum could also receive a bit of a taste of the secrets of conservation. Scientific background work needed for conservation-restoration as an integral part of the restorers’ diverse and scientific activities was in the focus.

After presenting the collection with a short PowerPoint presentation and highlighting some interesting and spectacular examples of conservation, restorer colleagues gave an overall view of the profession with special emphasis on gaining information through scientific research and study to help them with the long-term and safe preservation of cultural heritage. In this context, the APACHE project was also presented. After listing the partners, the main objectives of the project were briefly outlined along with their needs and their short and long-term utilities.

After the presentation, visitors could go around the conservation studio, take into their hands the tools and materials used for restoration, and could have a look on two artworks: one under conservation and the other after conservation.