5-7 November 2019 | Budapest (Hungary)

The 41st International Conference of Hungarian Conservators (MARENEKO) organized by the Hungarian National Museum  took place on 5-7 November 2019 in Budapest, Hungary, where the first results of the APACHE project were presented to local stakeholders by the project members from the museum.

The first day of the MARENEKO conference focused on the impact of the environmental change on artworks. The climate change that we are facing worldwide does not only endanger the preservation of our cultural heritage, but also it means global challenge for conservation professionals. Special attention was paid by the speakers to the awareness of negative trends in this area. Within this framework, the APACHE project was introduced to Hungarian conservation and restoration professionals for the first time. The presentation about the project attracted interest and was followed by a discussion.

The presentations on the second and third days of the conference analyzed and discussed the restoration decision-making system and its risks, as well as the ethical issues of restoration.