18 November 2020 | Italy

The APACHE Project has been showcased during the ANMS Congress 2020 by David Chelazzi, Anna Giatti and Antonio Mirabile.

The speech entitled “Elementi di conservazione preventiva alla Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica all’interno del progetto europeo APACHE” concerned the experimentation of preventive conservation techniques within the project.

During the presentation, the activities carried out by the FST within APACHE were illustrated and in particular the selected case studies on which a monitoring activity is underway with respect to temperature, relative humidity and pollutants. The case studies, identified on the basis of relevance with the project for materials and characteristics, consisting of a herbarium preserved in cassettes, a showcase of the permanent exhibition of scientific instruments and a collection of multi-material models of plant anatomy made by the German house Brendel.

ANMS Congress