18 January 2022

APACHE project will be one of the topics discussed during the museology open badge that will take place online from February 7th until March 14th. The course is organized by SIMUS, the Sienese university museum system, and it is composed by 6 days dedicated to topics related to museology. The course is entitled “Design, excite / yes, enhance, welcome to the museum. New visions from museums and for museums”, it is free of charge upon registration by January 28th, 2022.

During the second day of the event foreseen for February 14th, our project partner Anna Giatti by Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica will give a lesson about APACHE project and preventive conservation.

The course includes lectures on some fundamental topics of Museology and short interventions on experiences that various museums at national level are carrying out. In this way, in addition to offering basic training, the Open Badge also provides participants with ideas for further information. During some interventions, workshops and group work are foreseen. The basic feature of the Open Badge is the interdisciplinary nature that distinguishes it in order to be able to explore issues ranging from the enhancement of assets to their use by large and diversified audiences through inclusive and participatory methods.

This is the first Open Badge created in Italy on the themes of museology and has the patronage of ICOM Italia – International Council of Museums, the National Association of Scientific Museums – ANMS and the Sienese Museums Foundation.

This course is in Italian.

Visit the event website to find out more about registration procedures and read the complete programme HERE >>