Ionvac Process S.r.l. is a high-tech SME, founded in 2001, which dedicates its activity to the design and production of tools, equipment, and accessories for both industrial and research applications. Company that works in the sectors of Energy, Aerospace, Engineering, Electronics, Optics and Biology, can contribute with its experience to the development of research prototypes and industrial systems. The real strength of Ionvac Process S.r.l. is the continuous updating of its technology through a close collaboration with many Italian research institutions (CNR, ENEA, INFN) and universities and participating in National and European Research and Development projects. The company’s core business is focused on the production of high and ultra-high vacuum systems and on manufacturing of deposition systems for thin-films employing several methods and plasma technologies.

IONVAC will design, produce and validate in collaboration with CNR-ISM/ISMN a Smart Active Multi-sensor for the detection of typical pollutants that lead to the degradation of cultural heritage. The aim is to develop a new micro-sensing hardware material based on more advanced sensing materials (e.g. nanostructured metal films, metal oxides, nanostructured semiconductors) than traditional metal tracks, able to increase the sensitivity and selectivity to specific degradation agents on low-cost chemically-inert substrates (special polymeric materials).

Expertise and infrastructure related to the project

Starting from the design with CAD software IONVAC Vacuum And Plasma Technology can realize different
prototypes for material deposition, industrial equipment and devices.
By using its experience and equipment IONVAC can offer a wide range of coating system platforms together with turn-key processes, easy to use, scalable and significantly less expensive. Different prototypical instrumentation can be used by IONVAC to perform material deposition or treatments, such as high vacuum or high-pressure plasma based systems, high vacuum deposition systems and electronic facilities.
The available Plasma technologies for the deposition of materials are: plasma physical vapour deposition
(PVD) Sputtering, Evaporation Joule and e-beam, Ion Beam Sputtering, Thermal chemical vapour deposition
(CVD), MicroWave CVD, Hot Filament CVD, Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Plasma enhanced chemical
vapour deposition (PECVD), Reactive Ion Etching, Substrates Heaters, Process Gas, Mass Flow Meter, High
Purity Technology. Furthermore, the company has raw materials storage warehouse and components a welding center plasma and a precision mechanical workshop specialized in mechanical machining using lathes, milling machines that will be useful for the fabrication of the controlled atmosphere test chamber for the development,
realization and validation of the multi-sensor. Finally, IONVAC owns an Electronic laboratory for the
development of the devices electronic parts, equipped with fundamental measurement instruments in the
manufacturing and validation phases, such as oscilloscopes, voltmeters, ammeters, signal generators.



Rome (Italy)