Antonio Mirabile

The Antonio Mirabile SME has been working since 1995 in the field of conservation. Its activities are devoted to paper conservation and preventive conservation of cultural heritage. Antonio Mirabile SME has been working regularly for public (Pompidou, Carnavalet, Bourdelle, ENSB-A) and private (Fondation Guerlain) collections as well as for UNESCO projects (Egypt, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, DPRK…). Particular area of expertise includes: collection and risk assessment, risk management, multidisciplinary collaboration, storage organisation, maintenance work, cultural heritage management and care. The SME has been involved in the organization of different seminars; teaching projects and has regular collaborations with different research institutes.

Expertise and infrastructure related to the project

Antonio Mirabile will contribute to the project mostly in the dissemination activities and in the assessment of the consistency of the developed material with Conservator’s ethical guidelines, he will play a significant role in the following activities:
• Organisation of seminars, lectures and trainings in collaboration with discipline specific networks
• Choice of representative case studies
• Classification of artworks conservation status in the frame of the decision maker web application that will be developed during the APACHE project



Paris (France)

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